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collection acapellas for djs

To Re-mix a song using Fl studio software, acid pro, cubase, pro tools, and others for better results the re-mixer in the world always use a vocal commonly called as "acapellas". And I also use it. You can hear all my remix on SoundCloud. Below there is a set collection of acapella that I have. You can download it.

Acapella - Lil Jon

Fast and Drop
Gang Shoot
My Clear Red
Nothins Free
Now Back Up Bitch - Keep Rollin
Play No Games ft. Fat Joe, Obie Trice, Trick Daddy
Push That Nigga [DIY]
Put ya Hood Up
Put Ya Middlefingers Up Motherfucker
Shake That Monkey
stick and thang out
Download acapella

menyamakan tempo vocal dengan beat di Fl studio 9

Bagaimana menyamakan tempo vocal  dengan beat di fl studio 9 sering kali menjadi kesulitan bagi para newbie pengguna Fl studio, terutama bagi yang ingin me-remix lagu atau sekedar edit. kali ane akan bahas sedikit bagaimana cara menyamakan beat dengan acapella walaupun sebenarnya di fl studio terkadang bisa membuat tempo vocal secara otomatis sama dengan beat. Tapi sepanjang pengalaman ane vocal masih perlu kita sync tempo-nya secara manual. Berikut ini langkah-langkah dan cara bagaimana menyamakan beat dengan vocal di Fl studio 9: